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An Intro to Alex

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This is where I need to tell you about why I am overweight and why I want to loose weight.

I haven’t always been overweight although I’ve never been comfortable with the way I look.

In middle school I was legitimately fat although I was good at sports. I never felt more popular in Middle School than when the popular girls begged me to join the softball team… Boys even wanted me to be on their basketball teams during recess but none of them ‘liked-liked’ me.

In the 5th grade I remember being lined up for P.E. with all the other kids for swim class and noticing how the boys reacted to one of the 8th grade girls wearing a green bikini. In my memory she looks like a Sports Illustrated cover girl but in reality at 13 she couldn’t have been that impressive.

It was the first time I ever really compared myself to another female physically and it was the last time I wore a bathing suit in public.

In High School things evened out and all the hours playing basketball, softball, volleyball and golf paid off. I still felt big but at 5’10’’ but I was healthy and well within a normal weight range.

In my junior year I quit basketball and was cut from the softball team so my physical activity plummeted and my eating habits stayed exactly the same. Now – 7 years later I weigh roughly 75 lbs. more than I did in High School.

My ultimate goal (as of right now) is to get into good enough shape to run 5 miles at a time. Once I accomplish that goal I think it will be much easier to loose weight and keep it off in the long term.


Author: Alex Washburn

I am a photo editor living in California.

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