Two a Healthy Life

One couple on a mission to become healthy

Day 10: Long days & Week “2.5”

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He said:

I was supposed to write an article on yogurt varieties, but I had to work late and didn’t have time.  Thus I am working on it now and should have it done tomorrow night.

As I said I had to work late today, and was beginning to feel the pangs of hunger so I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts which helped quell the urge to eat something bad.  The last couple of days have been harder than last week, but I think I am coming out of my funk and am getting excited about the next couple of days.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Skyr (100 cal.)

Mid-morning snack: Banana (120 cal.)

Lunch: Lentil Soup (1g fat, 250 cal.)

Mid-afternoon snack: Apple (100 cal.) + nuts (5g fat, 150 cal.)

Dinner: Carrot Ginger Soup + Salad (5g fat, 216 cal.)

Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie (75 cal.)

Total calories: 1011 calories


She Said:

So today was accidentally a good day.

My workout at the gym was harder than yesterday… and I realized when I got home it was because I was running more than I should be at this point in the couch-to-5k program.

I should be alternating between 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of walking but I had mentally flipped it and was running for 2 minutes and walking for 90 seconds.

The amount I ended up running is somewhere between week 2 and week 3. So lets call it week 2.5… I will finish this week running the 2.5 program and step it up to week 3 next week.

It should be easier transitioning to week 3 than anticipated.

After the gym I went to the store to get ingredients for carrot ginger soup. In the Mollie Stone’s parking lot I talked to a guy from Vespa on the phone and set an appointment for my second interview(tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.) which I am really excited about.

It’s easier to get out of bed in the morning these days because I know that I will weigh less than I did the previous day. I love getting up in the morning, hopping on the scale and watching the numbers drop.

As of right now I have lost 3 pounds more than the goal I had set for March 1st.


Food Today:

Siggi’s Yogurt (100 cal.)

Lentil Soup (250 Cal. 2.5g fat)

Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie (75 cal.)

Carrot ginger soup / salad (216 cal. 4.5g fat)

1 cup milk (90 calories)

Total: 731 calories 6.5g fat

Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Last year was a breakthrough year for me personally, as far as writing was concerned. After years of wanting to finish a novel. Making it a resolution each and every December only to get to the end of the year with nothing. 2018 was the year of change. Two major things that happened. First was to let go of the absurd notion that in order to put words on the page I had to be inspired by my muse. This idea was thrown in the trash where it joined crumpled wads of unfinished drafts. Second was the realization that to finish a novel I needed a process in order to write consistently. There was some initial trial and error in setting up a schedule that worked into my life but by the end of 2018 I had finished two books and was heading into the second round of edits on my first. What I want to do in this blog is share the experience of being a new writer by exploring my writing process as it develops. I’ll also be posting some of my short fiction and possibly book reviews time permitting.

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