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Day 14: The Accidental Hiatus & Birthdays

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He said:

It has been a couple of days since we blogged, and this is part and partial because Thursday was not a good night.  Alex was depressed about how the job search is going, and that got me bummed out.  I really wanted to go eat at a restaurant, but ended up eating at home, but still had two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a grilled cheese with a bowl of carrot ginger soup.

While eating a couple of sandwiches is better then going all out on a gallon of ice-cream or some hamburgers, it does bring up a pressing matter of how I deal with eating.  We all know the feeling of being depressed and wanting to eat some comfort food to make you feel better.  The problem is, much like drinking when you are depressed to cheer up, the problem is still going to be there when you’re done.  My goal for the future is to find better ways of coping with being stressed or depressed and to not have my stomach instantly go to wanting to be fed with unhealthy food.

We redeemed ourselves the next day (I had the day off) by going on a 5 mile hike out in Muir woods.  I highly suggest going to this site, there are a ton of great trails and the views are amazing. View of Stinson beach from the top of Muir Woods

We brought some bananas, water, and some roasted peas with us as snacks on the hike, but found out quickly that the peas tasted too good to be legit.  The main issue we had with them is that even though the word roasted is used, they seemed to have a bit of oil on them and looking at the nutrition information they were 3g of fat and 120 cal. per ¼ cup.  This isn’t all together bad (much better then say potato chips), but not as healthy as we would have liked.  Our goal is to make our own, so that we know how much oil is being used to make them.

After the hiatus (and my birthday Saturday) and the carb fest that I had on Thursday night, I have gained a little weight back from where I was, but I am still down ten pounds since we started two weeks ago, tipping the scales at 185 right now.  I am happy with the progress so far, but as mentioned before, need to find better ways of keeping focused when faced with stressful situations.

She Said:

We fell of the blogging wagon for a few days, which I attribute to the 26th anniversary of Nathaniel’s birth as well as my sadness about not being able to find a job yet. I really want to get a full-time job involving journalism, photography or marketing via-social media but haven’t had any luck yet. My mild-existential crisis thursday did not motivate our blogging efforts.

Nathaniel had taken off Friday to go skydiving but when the skydiving company postponed his jump we decided to go hiking in Muir Woods. Muir Woods is only about 45 minutes from our apartment (with no traffic) and after the hike we hung out a little bit at Stinson Beach.

Saturday was a “free day” as well as Nathaniel’s Birthday but I tried to keep myself in check food-wise because sadly I only lost 2 lbs. last week. I also have no doubt that I gained it back on Saturday…

Although I am feeling kind of down on myself for not meeting last week’s health goals I am committing myself to a really strict food week with a lot of exercise.

Tonight – I made a healthy Mexican inspired veggie soup that I am excited to share with all of you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Last year was a breakthrough year for me personally, as far as writing was concerned. After years of wanting to finish a novel. Making it a resolution each and every December only to get to the end of the year with nothing. 2018 was the year of change. Two major things that happened. First was to let go of the absurd notion that in order to put words on the page I had to be inspired by my muse. This idea was thrown in the trash where it joined crumpled wads of unfinished drafts. Second was the realization that to finish a novel I needed a process in order to write consistently. There was some initial trial and error in setting up a schedule that worked into my life but by the end of 2018 I had finished two books and was heading into the second round of edits on my first. What I want to do in this blog is share the experience of being a new writer by exploring my writing process as it develops. I’ll also be posting some of my short fiction and possibly book reviews time permitting.

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