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Day 18: & A day that would make a nutritionist cry

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He said:

Sorry guys, I don’t really have a whole lot to say today.  I was able to stick to my plan with no real hiccups and am looking forward to the weekend.

Food Log:

Breakfast: Skyr (100 cal.)

Mid-morning snack: Banana (120 cal.)

Lunch: Red lentil soup (145 cal.)

Afternoon snack: Pear (103 cal.)

Dinner: Vegan chili + two cuties (316 cal., 2.5g fat)

Total calories: 784.

She Said:

So first of all I’d like to say what I ate today wasn’t healthy. No part of me thinks it was healthy but I wanted to splurge without going over my daily calorie limit. Without working out I can only eat 805 calories a day to meet my weekly weight loss goals.

To maintain my weight without working out I can eat 1,500-2,000 calories a day at my age, height and weight depending on whom you ask.

For breakfast I had a cup of black coffee, a piece of chocolate and a banana (190 cal.). For lunch I had a California roll and a diet coke (Approx. 300 cal.) For dinner I plan on having vegan chili, which is going to have a lot of protein and veggies in it and I will officially be back on track.

(I am writing this blog in advance because I am going to a photography panel discussion later tonight.)

Because of a comment we received on Facebook about the blog and a comment from my friend Stacie I acknowledged to myself today that I really do have to make more of an effort at getting more protein into my diet and less carbs.

This is what Stacie (lifelong vegetarian) had to say:

I need to work on getting more protein in my diet–it’s always my biggest downfall being veggie and all. BEANSBEANSBEANS. Soy products are so damn expensive, but I’m getting there. I’ve been running every day since the beginning of this year–I’ve missed six days in all. I’m taking a picture every month–I’ve seen a difference since January. 🙂 I think I’m finally in a good place with a lot of things, so it was finally a perfect time for me to start ignoring my excuses.

I am really happy to hear how well she’s been doing working on her fitness goals! She sounds super positive but it’s a reminder that if a lifelong vegetarian has to struggle at getting protein into her daily diet I certainly need to put extra effort into it.

Trust me – I’d much rather eat prime rib than a giant salad and a vegetarian soup. My parents started feeding me steak before I could walk (true story).

A lot of the people that read this blog and re-tweet it are vegetarians. So – if any of you seasoned veterans have tips for us we’d love to hear them.

Oh – the reason I splurged today? I lost 10 lbs. as of today!

Author: Alex Washburn

I am a photo editor living in California.

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