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Day 63: Running & Plateaus

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He said:

Yesterday (now that I have my GPS watch) I went on the second ten-mile run of my life, and it was pretty good.  It didn’t feel as great as the first one that I did, but that one I hadn’t biked five miles the day before.  Regardless, I was happy I was able to complete the run and that freed up the rest of the day eating wise as I burned somewhere in the range of 1,000 calories.

Today, we got up after a good nights sleep and I decided that I would try some speed training to help try and boost my 10k pace.  We went to the local high school and found the track and ran a mile warm-up and then did ¼ of a lap at a little less then a full out sprint and then ¼ of lap jog repeat.  Did that for a couple miles and then finished with a two mile jog, five altogether.

My running watch (ok I will just say it I have Nike+ Sportwatch GPS) and part of this watch is software that tracks your runs, measures your progress in multiple ways, and offers challenges.  So far I have been super happy with the interface and the watch in general.  One of the runs that was suggested in the mapping section has a 7-mile run through Golden Gate park and I can’t wait to do this run.  It is on the horizon.

On a side note, we went to Gap today (mostly because my jeans are getting loose again) so that I could try on some jeans.  And I was able to fit comfortably into a size 29.  That means from the beginning of our health trek till now I have gone down five jean sizes.

Keep the work up, make it happen!

She said:

Usually after a Saturday my weight goes up a bit because Saturday is usually our free day.

However today I weighed in at my lowest weight. My weight keeps fluctuating within the same 3 lb. weight bracket and I am really hoping that this week I will be able to move past it since I maintained my weight through the weekend.

As of right now I’ve lost 20 lbs. and am down one pants size. It is a nice accomplishment but I am getting tired of not making progress past it. I am really hoping to drop 3 lbs. this week now that I am running up to 2 miles at a time and doing 4.5-5 miles on my long run days.

I was really pleased with the dinner Nathaniel and I had tonight because it was tasty and really healthy. We had seared tilapia on top of a roughly chopped cabbage salad with mango and papaya salsa along with a bowl of zucchini and corn soup.

I am pretty excited for this week to see what I can accomplish.


Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Traveling Latin America for the next six months with just a KLR and my girlfriend. Let the adventures begin!

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