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Day 64: 66% & Being Lazy

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He said:

Since I did speed training yesterday, Alex and I decided it would be a good idea to rest today (outside of my biking to work) to give my muscles a chance to rest.  She suggested this would be hard for me to do because I’m a boy and it would be difficult for me to admit that I needed some rest.  So no run today, just some light exercise after work.

I listen to NPR at work almost everyday (I highly suggest it as it is something useful that you can listen to while on the job) and today they did a great piece on dieting, GO listen to this interview, it really helps put a lot of aspects of a diet and dieting into perspective, even for people who are deep into a diet.

One of the issues that was brought up in the interview and the callers bring up is not necessarily loosing weight, but maintaining your weight loss in the long run.  What wasn’t really addressed, and something Alex and I have talked about extensively lately, is the balance of diet and exercise in your life.

What a lot of people don’t realize about dieting is that it is made easier (and faster) by adding daily exercise to your routine.  In a class I took in college (an economics class strangely enough) the idea was presented that just a little change today can have a significant effect on a lifetime.  People know that if they quit smoking they will be more healthy and live longer, but you really want that cigarette today and you could always stop tomorrow.

With a little effort right now, the effect it will have on the rest of your life will be dramatic.  If your remain lazy now you will be one of the 66%.  By this I mean the fact that 66% of Americans are either overweight or obese (this I got from the interview, so that’s my source).  Just take a walk today and worry about doing the running tomorrow.

There is one more aspect of this topic that Alex told me about a while ago.  There was an article she read where there was a guy who loved ice cream and wanted to be able to eat it everyday.  So as part of a healthy diet, he found out how much exercise he needed to do everyday to be able to eat a bowl of ice cream.  Now while this may be an extreme case, it brings to light the best view of how you can live a healthy life.

Face it, we all love eating decadent food (some more then others) and what makes most foods delicious is fat, which is calorie laden (think French food, it’s good because they found early on that fat tastes great and put it in everything) so the way we can combat not gaining weight is to exercise a little and watch what we eat at most meals.  Most French are not overweight and that is due to the fact that while the food they eat is high calories and fat they eat small portions and get daily exercise.

This is hard to focus on while dieting (sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees) and yes a diet is being in the middle of the suck, but use this as a motivator.  As you get healthier and closer to your ideal weight, you’re going to be more active and for how much more active you are you can indulge yourself with a treat that isn’t setting you back.

I hope this all made sense and didn’t seem like a lecture, but it is a pretty cool idea and brings into perspective the fact that a diet is not forever, it’s only for a short period of time that will be followed by living a healthier and happier life (indulgences included).

*On a side note, some may have noticed that I have stopped listing what I eat everyday.  This isn’t because I have fallen off the wagon and began eating my old diet again, but is merely due to me being lazy and not wanting to do it everyday.  I know every calorie that goes into my body and I think I have graduated to the next step of the diet, which is using what I have learned at every meal to make better decisions about what I consume.

She Said:

Nathaniel took way too long to write his monstrous blog post and it is now 10:40 at night. I am in a great mood but I don’t feel like writing very much because I’m feeling sleepy.

I understand to get past this plateau I am going to have to really kick my efforts in the butt this week so in addition to eating roughly 800 calories today I did a “long run” day putting in 4.5 miles in at the gym in an hour.

As always I am including my warm-up and cool-down walks in this time and distance.

Tuesday I will do speed work for 30 minutes and hopefully on Wednesday I will run 3 miles without stopping. I only recently discovered I can do 2 miles at a time but I am confidant in my ability to do 3. For me doing 3 miles is going to be more of a mental contest than a physical one.

I am a lazy person when it comes to working out. This is slowly changing… but trust me when I say that most days I don’t want to go to the gym. GOING to the gym is actually harder for me than jogging two miles. I don’t like being sweaty – I constantly use my gym towel to wipe in between my fingers to get rid of the sweat.

I have a couple rants on my mind relating to health but I will save them for later in the week when I am blanking on what to write about.


Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Last year was a breakthrough year for me personally, as far as writing was concerned. After years of wanting to finish a novel. Making it a resolution each and every December only to get to the end of the year with nothing. 2018 was the year of change. Two major things that happened. First was to let go of the absurd notion that in order to put words on the page I had to be inspired by my muse. This idea was thrown in the trash where it joined crumpled wads of unfinished drafts. Second was the realization that to finish a novel I needed a process in order to write consistently. There was some initial trial and error in setting up a schedule that worked into my life but by the end of 2018 I had finished two books and was heading into the second round of edits on my first. What I want to do in this blog is share the experience of being a new writer by exploring my writing process as it develops. I’ll also be posting some of my short fiction and possibly book reviews time permitting.

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