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Day 95: Catching up & Climbing

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He said:

Yes it had been a long time since we have blogged (we kind of feel bad about this), and one of the main reasons for this (no we didn’t fall off the healthy life wagon) was the monotony of writing blogs on a regular basis where you were saying the same thing.  For the most part I have been doing the same routine of what I eat and exercise since the last time I blogged.

Some of the major updates since I last blogged are: on Saturday May 12th I ran my first (unofficial) half-marathon in 1:49:32.  I had done several 10 mile runs and wanted to push myself to make those last 3.1 miles.  It felt great, though the last mile was though, and I am one step closer to a new goal, marathon.

I finally broke down and joined (or rejoined) 24-hour fitness and have begun to add weight lifting to my routine (though I am still running five to six times a week, just trying to fit the gym into this).  The great thing about having a gym membership is that I can add some non-impact workouts to my week in addition to the running I do.  I went swimming last week for the first time in a while and have been doing some upper body work as well, nothing better than muscle confusion.

Other than the workouts, I have continued my diet (though I am reaching the end of this phase) and have gotten down to the 160-162 range (I have been here for the last couple weeks).  I have made an appointment to see a dietitian tomorrow and want to get her advice on how many calories I can consume now based on the weight I should end up at and the amount of exercise that I do.  I know that she is going to tell me that I need to start consuming way more calories a day then I am, but after all this time it is hard for me to think about letting up on the reigns of my diet.  Hopefully she can provide a break down of the amount of carbs, protein, and fat I should be consuming on a daily basis and a calorie amount to aim for.

I am on the brink of a new phase in this program, maintaining.  The bulk of the weight is gone and I feel the best I have felt in years and my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.  I still am not 100% satisfied with the way I look (this may be the same for everyone), but the person I see in the mirror now, more reflects the way I feel on the inside.  The dreams are coming out of my head and becoming real, time to reach for the stars!

She Said: 

(My 3 mile run today)

Nathaniel and I took a hiatus from writing blogs… it wasn’t planned it just kind of happened but in no way have we stopped living “twoahealthylife” since we last posted.

The biggest change in my routine is the fact I am now running outside and doing it five days a week. I thank couch-to-5k for showing me the way and I had my longest run to date yesterday when I did a total of 5 miles without stopping.

Around mile 4.5 there is a beast of a hill and I was absolutely dying going up it. I was about halfway up panting when two women in sweatshirts and stretchy pants appeared at the top of the hill. In my mind I was like “oh I am so going to look like a badass running up this hill- I can’t stop!”

Of course in reality I probably just looked like a hot mess about to pass out… but I made it up the hill and cruised on home in victory.

Mondays are my long runs because I don’t run on Sundays and I usually have a carb party over the weekend so I am most ready to run longer than I will be for the rest of the week as a result.

Today I did a 3 mile run which is officially my ‘usual’ until I build up more stamina and lose more weight.

In the three months since we stated the blog I have lost a little over 25 lbs. and am halfway between a 12 and a 10 in my regular cut of jeans from GAP. I started off as a 16!

Something I realized only a week ago – there was no way I would be a size 10 if I lost 70 lbs. (my goal).  I clearly had a poor concept of women’s sizes…  After I lose 35 lbs. a 10 might actually be a little big. The idea I might be a 6 before this is all over blows my mind.

Anyways – thank you for reading and be ready readers because we are going to be posting more frequently!

Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Last year was a breakthrough year for me personally, as far as writing was concerned. After years of wanting to finish a novel. Making it a resolution each and every December only to get to the end of the year with nothing. 2018 was the year of change. Two major things that happened. First was to let go of the absurd notion that in order to put words on the page I had to be inspired by my muse. This idea was thrown in the trash where it joined crumpled wads of unfinished drafts. Second was the realization that to finish a novel I needed a process in order to write consistently. There was some initial trial and error in setting up a schedule that worked into my life but by the end of 2018 I had finished two books and was heading into the second round of edits on my first. What I want to do in this blog is share the experience of being a new writer by exploring my writing process as it develops. I’ll also be posting some of my short fiction and possibly book reviews time permitting.

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