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Day 118: Bloomberg & Emotional Triumph

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He said:

I have tried in this blog to not get too political or bring outside issues into the subject of weight loss, as they pretty much invade all other aspects of human life, but I would like to talk today about what Michael Bloomberg is trying to do in New York with the large soda ban.

If you have not herd or read about it in the news, Mayor Bloomberg has submitted a proposal to ban the selling of soda drinks in excess of 16 oz. (which is already a double serving) in eateries, stadiums, street carts, or where you mostly consume food.  This is in response to the growing obesity problem that we have in this country.

When I herd about this I couldn’t have been more joyous.  Soda is devoid of any nutritional value and leads to consuming too many calories if you indulge in an irresponsible way.  Removing soda from your diet can have a dramatic effect; let’s just look at the math.  One 12 oz. can of soda has roughly 150 calories (depending on brand), if you have three cans a week that is 450 calories a week for a total of 23,400 calories a year.  If you stopped drinking soda today you could cut out the equivalent of 6.6 pounds a year.  But I know people who consume three cans a day, the math gets exponential.

One of my issues when I would read articles about cutting soda out of diets is that (since high school that is) I haven’t really been a soda drinker at all.  I will have diet sodas (maybe two a week), but will hardly ever drink the full strength stuff.  Maybe this is why I am so in favor of the New York city ban. I am sorry, but no one should be consuming more the 16 oz. of soda at one sitting, and don’t even get started on a 64 oz. big gulp.

What I hope that this law can point out is that soda needs to be looked at as a treat rather then a daily habit.  It is a desert (soda’s have on average 12 tablespoons of sugar, 34g), it should be thought of like cake or pie, for a special occasion.  However, it isn’t just soda that we need to look at as a society, but all of the sugary drinks that have invaded the market.

The conclusion of this semi-rant is that it is hard for your body to recognize liquid calories in the same way it does those in food, which means you can consume significantly more of them and not feel full.

Just think before you drink.  Does the beverage have whipped cream on it when it is being sold as a coffee drink?  Did it need to have lots of food coloring added to make it the color of the product it should be naturally?  Is it sweeter then you would have it if you made it yourself (ice tea, lemonade, coffee)?  Would your thirst be just a quenched if you had water instead?  All these questions and more are what we should all ask ourselves before we go out and have a drink that is a days worth of calories.

THINK before you DRINK!!!!


She Said: 

Friday something happened that really showed me how far I’ve come emotionally since this health adventure began back in February.

I arrived to 24-Hour Fitness with my client and as she went off to join her personal trainer I went into a bathroom stall to change. My plan was to run for an hour and get in 5 miles before we had to leave for our next errand of the day but I unfortunately forgot to pack a workout shirt.

I briefly thought about running with no shirt (some women do this) but I immediately laughed at how ridiculous that idea was. I decided my options were to not run or go home and grab a shirt which would only leave me time to run three miles…

Then – I suddenly remembered a few moths ago I had purchased a medium semi fitted shirt at Sports Authority and left it in my car. It was embarrassingly tight when I first got it but I bought it because I knew it would eventually fit and it was in a color I LOVE.

I went out to my car and sure enough there it was!

Looking at myself in the 24-Hour Fitness bathroom mirror I acknowledged the shirt was still too small. But I decided I didn’t care and I was going to run in it muffin top be-damned!!!

Yes I am still overweight but exercising is more important than feeling self-conscious and I am proud of having lost over 30 lbs. so far. Also – as I reasoned to myself ‘Who can make fun of someone putting down 5 miles on the treadmill’?

For me running in a form fitting shirt is just a huge emotional accomplishment. I never wear tight shirts because I feel self conscious but I am so proud of the progress I’ve made it gave me the strength to forget about what I’d look like in front of other people and just DO it.

I did two 5 mile runs and three 3 mile runs last week for a total of 19 miles. I am feeling really good still and looking forward to the Wharf-to-Wharf.


Author: Alex Washburn

I am a photo editor living in California.

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