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Day 119: Marathon Training & Only 3 Miles

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He said:

Today was the first day of my marathon training (wow I was able to write that without giggling).  Just the idea that I am confidant enough to start training for a marathon floors me, how much has changed in the last eight months.

The program that I am doing came in this month’s issue of Runner’s World magazine and is intended to be a 16-week program.  Today was only a three mile easy run and while I was tempted to do more, I want to stick to the plan because I know it is going to get challenging in the weeks to come.

I ran to the gym and met Alex there so that we could do a strength training session.  I think I mention this, but I had broken down and paid for three sessions with a personal trainer (it was part of a start up package) and I was super happy that I did.  In three sessions I was able to learn a ton of new exercises so that I don’t get bored with and that I can rotate throughout the weeks.  Plus my trainer introduced me to a couple of circuit training routines that are quit challenging and will work great with the running I do.

With starting this new program I plan on making regular updates on how it is going and if there are any snags along the way.


She Said: 

Due to a chaotic and slightly stressful end to my workday I wasn’t able to start running until 5:30.  Nathaniel was going to meet me at the gym at 6:15 so I knew I was only going to be able to run 3 miles instead of 5.

After running my 3 miles I worked my arms on the weight machines while Nathaniel did his own thing… my muscles were definitely fatigued by the time I got done so I am hoping they will be a little sore tomorrow. If my arms feel fine in the morning I will take that as a sign that I didn’t push myself enough.

I (unlike Nathaniel) have no plans to run a marathon in the next six months or year but I am running a half marathon in December! I am really trying not to think about it though and jut trying to concentrate on doing well in the 10k we have coming up next month.

I do not think it’s going to be physically possible for me to run the 6.2 miles in 60 minutes as I had originally hoped (I feel I’ve said this before) but today I kicked up the speed on the treadmill during the last mile of my run and managed to finish strong without reducing the speed.

We will see what I can do in the month to come… I plan on e-mailing a friend from High School who is a very hard-core runner and asking for his advice.



Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Traveling Latin America for the next six months with just a KLR and my girlfriend. Let the adventures begin!

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