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Where are you on the global fat scale?

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While wandering Facebook today I saw a friend’s posting about a really cool interactive info graphic created by the BBC. The page asks the question – Where are you on the global fat scale?

After inputting your age, height, weight, sex and nationality the web site will tell you what your Body Mass Index is and how it compares to other people in your age bracket.

When we started our health adventure in February I was considered obese with a BMI of 34. After months of hard work I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. and now have a BMI of 28.

I am hoping to be at a BMI of less than 25 before I turn 25 years old in December.

This web site it really fun to play with but it drew me once again to the sad fact that over half of the women ages 15-29 are overweight in this country.

Author: Alex Washburn

I am a photo editor living in California.

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