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Day 154: The good run

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He said:

So today when I got up there were a couple of aches and pains in the legs, which actually made me feel good because it means that I pushed myself yesterday.  The official time came in at 41:24 and I placed 425 overall out of 15,000.  I am happy with this, but it leaves room for improvement.

The whole day, whenever I got up I would be sore and I was thinking I might not do my run tonight, but that would put me behind on my marathon training (already had to take it easy last week for the race) so I got home, laced up and started out on my run.

About two blocks in my knees were hurting, the legs felt weak, I almost stopped, but I felt I had to push on a little more just to see.  About half a mile in the legs started to feel good, the pain went away, and the run became enjoyable.  I got into a nice easy pace and then something occurred to me, this was a great run.

Today was the first day I felt like a real runner.  I was out running, not paying attention to my time or how fast I was going, not chasing PRs or working on speed training, I was out there, because I wanted to run, I needed to get the wind in my hair (ironic considering I was wearing a hat).  It was a comfetable, easy 4 mile run.

That was the other funny thought that hit me, even five months ago, the thought of there being an easy, 4 mile run would be ridiculous followed by lots of panting and straining to breath.  Now I can get out there and march if off with no problem.  It still amazes me how far both Alex and I have come, but we aren’t resting on our laurels, we both still have goals to meet, new frontiers to conquer.

Feeling good, onward!!!


Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Traveling Latin America for the next six months with just a KLR and my girlfriend. Let the adventures begin!

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