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Day 168: Making better choices

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This morning as I waited in line at Starbucks I realized that several people in front of me were wearing Trader Joe’s t-shirts. It became very clear they were a posse of co-workers that had gone to get breakfast and some caffeine together before starting their shift (this was just after 9 a.m.).

I focused in on one guy in particular when I realized he ordered two pieces of zucchini nut bread because each piece has 460 calories. Of the group of people he was the most overweight. It was my turn up at the counter and I grabbed a grande black coffee and a banana for a morning snack.

I forgot about the Trader Joe’s employees until they passed me in front of the store while I waited for my client to arrive. In one hand he (lets call him Joe) had his 920 calorie bag of pastries and in the other he clutched a venti strawberry frappuccino with whip cream.

This brought his breakfast total to at least 1,600 calories, which is more than ½ the calories an active male his age should be eating in an entire day.

I want to make it clear that I don’t go around maliciously judging people’s food consumption. I want to help to help people like Joe because in my mind I used to be him. I am still overweight but I feel very confidant that I will shed that label in the next two months.

Maybe Joe doesn’t care if he is overweight and if he is happy with himself that’s great…

But a small frappuccino, a banana and one slice of zucchini nut bread would have given him a sugar rush, the things he craved, some nutrition and cut over 600 calories out of his breakfast.

In our blog Nathaniel and I are not trying to convert people to running or asking them to cut their calories as drastically as we have. We just want to promote better health through better choices.

You can still have the things you want – just have them in smaller amounts.

I used to order three mini vanilla scones at Starbucks when I wanted to splurge – now I order one.

Splurges and habits are two very different things. It took a long time for me to effectively implement a true difference between the two but now that I have I am a much happier person.

Author: Alex Washburn

I am a photo editor living in California.

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