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Day 184: Getting Back on Track

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She Said: 

Yesterday I was hungry… like really really hungry to the point that I told Nathaniel it was awesome that we didn’t have any peanut butter in the house or I would eat the entire jar.

We don’t have any junk food in our apartment and yesterday I would have been in serious danger of a junk food binge if we had chips, cookies or chocolate laying around…

The only “snack” food we really have is popcorn and it’s the good old fashioned pop it yourself in a pan on the stove kind…

Which trust me – I attacked.

I’m really concerned about the junk food cravings I was getting because my weight loss has definitely slowed. I’ve averaged loosing 8 lbs. a month since we started TwoAHealthy but in the past month I’ve only lost 5 lbs…

I think the problem might be (in addition to it being biologically harder for smaller people to loose weight) is that I have started to take my weight loss for granted. I know eventually I am going to hit my goal size so why not have a piece of toast with jam as a snack?

I also haven’t worked out as hard over the last two weeks, which I desperately need to remedy. Wharf-to-Wharf gave me a very clear reason (fear) for why I had to run everyday… but now, I can’t even tell you when my next race is although I am verbally committed to two and physically signed up for a third before the end of the year.

I have lost just under 45 lbs. and I have a lot of food temptation coming up this weekend… I light of my laps in discipline I am challenging myself to loose 6 lbs. in the next two weeks which I know I am fully capable of.


Author: Alex Washburn

I am a photo editor living in California.

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