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Women’s Wednesday: Sports Bras

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For most of my life I really cared what my sports bras looked like. Halter bras are cute… purple, aqua or sporty black I wouldn’t buy a bra unless it was cute and had a nike swoosh on it.

Several months ago when I still confined my runs to the treadmill I started having some serious pain around mile two. After mile three I went to the bathroom to make sure I wasn’t bleeding… and that was the last day I ever tried running in an ill-fitting sports bra.

In the past I could get away with fashion over function undergarments because I wasn’t participating in such high impact activities for such great lengths of time – and my boobs were smaller because I was a healthier weight.

A good sports bra is KEY for a woman’s health. Any type of cardio activity can cause your breasts to bounce in a figure 8 pattern and without the right bra your ligaments will stretch, eventually causing sagging and possibly rashes.

I’d also argue that if you are suffering such unnecessary discomfort while you are working out you probably won’t work out as hard or as long – an example of how a poorly fitted bra can indirectly affect your health.

When I went on my mission impossible to find the perfect sports bra I tested four brands in several sizes and models. I did ‘the bounce test’ in at least a dozen different bras and the sexily advertised Nike, Adidas and Under Armour all failed miserably.

They didn’t hold my breasts very stable or they cut painfully into my armpits… their seemed to be something wrong with each of them.

The champion of my marathon of bra shopping was (pun attended) Powersleek Champion Sports Bra. We are all built differently so I can’t promise this one will work for you but luckily it comes in sizes up to 44DDD!

What I’d like you to all take away from today’s blog is that putting time into finding the sports bra that works best for you will make you a happier, healthier woman.

I haven’t had chest pain at all since I switched to Champion and I my boobs are so well supported when I run I don’t even notice their movement.

But Champion – could you maybe give a girl some color options?



Author: Alex Washburn

I am a photo editor living in California.

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