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Day 199: Getting Motivated and Bag Lunches

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She Said:

I have been really struggling to stay motivated at the gym these past couple weeks and of course this has coincided with a lot of excuses to eat out and a slow in weight loss progress… interesting how those are all related right?

To celebrate some really awesome changes in my life (which I will go into in another blog) I booked Nathaniel and I a table at Foreign Cinema for the night of September 14th. My goal is to not eat out at a sit-down restaurant until that night.

This is going to be really hard for me because I love eating out… But, I’ve wanted to eat at Foreign Cinema since 2009 and I feel that it’s going to be all the motivation I need to get back on track with my exercise and weight loss program.

After our dinner at Foreign Cinema I really need to crack down on my rules for eating out – Friday and Saturday only. Weight loss is hard. It’s like a hobby – seriously. It takes a lot of planning to make sure you have healthy foods on hand at all times. Not having a healthy snack on hand when you are feeling seriously hungry can make it too tempting to buy foods that are not calorically efficient… eating too big of a meal can make people feel powerless in front of food hurting their self esteem.

If you are dissatisfied with using Tupperware containers to carry your lunch here are some suggestions:

1. Clean Planetware: metal food containers that are super durable and eco-friendly

2. Thermos: keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. I use the vacuum insulated 16 oz food jar that comes with its own spoon.

3. Canning jars: come in the well-known hipster-iffic screw top style or with a less famous clamping lid.

Nathaniel uses a screw top mason jar to carry his soup to work because the glass is microwave safe. I prefer a thermos because with my job I am not guaranteed access to a microwave everyday.

He also uses empty jam containers to carry extra fruit and veggies to work. We only buy Bonne Maman jams because they are delicious and the labels come off the jars SUPER easily.


Author: Nathaniel Chaney

Traveling Latin America for the next six months with just a KLR and my girlfriend. Let the adventures begin!

One thought on “Day 199: Getting Motivated and Bag Lunches

  1. Great post and the blog is looking great guys. Keep up the good work!

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