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The One Year Mark

He said:

Some days are not like others and today is a special day.  Even though it has only been about nine months since Alex and I started this blog and way of life, today marks one year since I started with my diet and exercise.

I have written several blogs on the subject of maintaining momentum and keeping the weight off.  Today at least shows me that I was able to keep it going for a year and I look forward to the next year and what it will bring.

What I have to keep reminding myself is that this is a change for the rest of my life, not just this one year.  There are going to be weeks I don’t feel like eating as healthy as I should or don’t want to go to the gym as much.  However, I need to make sure these don’t become trends and then habits.

One of the sayings people quote when they are in the middle of losing weight is “I didn’t put on all this weight at once” and this is true.  I didn’t loose all the weight at once, and I wont gain it all back if there is a backslide here and there.  One of the helpful hints I read about while researching weight-loss strategies is once you reach your goal, set a warning weight limit and if you hit that it is time to go back on a more restrictive diet till you get back to the range you want to be in.

The goals for the next year are I want to get back into surfing on a regular basis and I want to run a marathon this year.