Two a Healthy Life

One couple on a mission to become healthy

About Us

He said:

I recently lost 25 pounds while Alex was doing an internship in Tennessee.  I had hinted at the fact that I was on a special diet and that if we moved in together that I was going to have to cook for myself during the week.  It has been a month and a half of living together, and I have managed to keep the weight off, but I still have work to do to get to my ultimate weight goal.

I had read an article that was on Yahoo news a couple of days before Valentine’s day about a couple that lost 285 pounds together.  This gave me the idea that I wanted to start a blog about my weight loss progress and mentioned this to Alex, who responded positively to it and said she would be willing to do it as well.

With her help, I believe that we will accomplish our goals together and help each other when the other one is struggling.  This is also a great way for us to explore many facets of our relationship in finding exciting new activities on our way to living a healthier life.

Random facts about our diet: we are going to have one day a week that is a free day where we can eat whatever we want as a way to stay motivated.  Alex loves to cook gourmet food, especially foods that are fat and calorie laden, so we will let her exercise her cooking chops on those free days, while we avoid eating out.

Height: 5”10’

Current Weight: 197 lbs.

Goal Weight: 175 lbs.

Current Jean Size: 34 waist

Fitness Goal: run five miles without stopping (and by run I mean jog)

She Said:

Nathaniel and I have been dating for about two and a half years and just celebrated our two-year anniversary being in a committed relationship. For the six-months leading up to our anniversary I was living out of state so when I returned home to California we moved in together. Nathaniel (the sneaky bastard) lost 25 lbs. before I moved home and is now about halfway to his total weight loss goal. I would like to lose at least 60 pounds but as much as 75 would be great.

Wanting to lose weight has been a topic we’ve discussed in the past but living together has motivated us to take a ‘teamwork’ approach to this.

Random facts about our diet: If we are cooking for ourselves we do not eat meat Monday-Friday. We try and only eat one meal a week at a restaurant. Nathaniel is a label-nazi.

Height: 5’10’’

Gap Jeans size: 16

Goal Gap Jeans size: 10

Weight loss goal: 60-75 lbs.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You two are amazing. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Ro! Today kinda sucked, so going back and seeing positive reinforcement from friends really helps

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