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Getting back on track

He said:

As Alex said in her post last week there have been several situations that have come up in the past couple of months that have made sticking to our program tough.  Close to this time is when the scales battery went out, note to anyone reading, make sure to have spare batteries for your scale when your losing weight and feeling good, because you will not feel like it when your not following a program and starting to gain some weight back.

On that note, I have gained back ten pounds since my lowest weigh in and am now back at 165, which is still in a healthy range, but my goal is to get back down to 155 and start building some muscle.

In the question of what happened, while Alex said that she was able to control what she was eating even when she was stressed out, I am not able to do that well.  And once I give in, it is easy to start having several days in a row that I don’t feel like following my routine.  This on top of the fact that I was still dealing with some lingering injuries that prevented me from running just all added up to a bad time.

I noticed that I started not feeling as good as I used to and I got sick in that time period.  But one of the questions I will have to meditate on is why the slide happened in the first place and start acknowledging to myself sooner when I am going through one of those phases.  It is ok to slip every now and again, but when you get into a cycle of doing it it can be hard to stop.

As for now, I have commenced running again (in fact Alex and I and a group of friends ran a 10k this past weekend) and we have been doing better on making our lunches on the weekend again (more on that to come).  The motivation is starting to creep back and I am feeling better and more confident then I have in several weeks.  Gotta keep my eyes on the future, but not forget what lead me to going down that path again so I am ready for the next time.