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Mr. Miyagi Yourself

A lot of the weight loss process comes down to pulling a Mr. Miyagi on yourself.

For example, I used to always run up a hill before crossing to the other side of the street and conveniently enough I always found a reason to stop at the top of the hill. The excuse was usually a car coming regardless of how far off it was and then one day I realized I’d be more likely to keep going if I crossed the street at the bottom of the hill before going up it and I was totally right.

To be fair – the last part of the hill is intense for new runner but I haven’t stopped at the top since I had this revelation back in the summer.

Another strange psychological aspect to my weight loss is that I am more likely to eat fewer calories on the days I exercise. The more I exercise the easier it is for me to be really strict on my diet although biologically I need more food.

Part of the reason for this is I know how many calories I can eat a day without gaining weight (give or take a few hundred). Anything I eat under that means I am theoretically losing weight even if it is more slowly (at least this is what I am telling myself).

So – if I don’t do anything but eat less than 1,200 or 1,000 I can still avoid a guilty feeling at the end of the day. Theoretically I should be able to eat 2,500 without gaining weight although my BMR is altered as a result of my weight loss.

 On the days I run it is way easier for me to say no to cream in my coffee, chocolate, cheese, extra salad dressing and carbs because I visualize that as canceling out 10 minutes of running or a half hour of running as I tally the calories in my head.

One piece of Tiramisu at Il Fornaio is equal to about 45 minutes of running at Alex speed. KNOWING how hard I worked and how it will be erased by treats helps me stick to my plan throughout the day.

Other things I’ve learned about myself:

If I tell myself I will run after work it will usually not happen but I am infinitely better at running before work.

Once I have decided to not eat sweets for a specific period of time saying ‘no’ is a lot easier and treats don’t trigger the ‘to eat or to not eat anxiety’… which is something discussed in The End of Overeating. Saying you are trying to ‘cut back’ is way too vague of a goal.

Thanks for reading, onward!

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Day 164: Inspiration

He said:

Alex and I, along with most of the rest of the nation, have been sporadically tuning into the summer Olympics to watch great athletes complete at the peak of their talents.  But one of the more inspiring moments that I have seen this summer (outside of the girl’s gymnastics team bringing home gold) was this Nike commercial (I know, really, a Nike commercial?).

As Alex pointed out, Nike is really great at selling motivational athletic ideals (in hopes that people will be inspired and buy all new Nike stuff to get in better shape).  However, I still applaud them for showing this commercial, because in the middle of the Olympics, when we are watching the fittest people in the world compete, it is great to see someone who is struggling with weight motivated to do something about it.

It goes into the general mindset of America, we look down upon people that are fat or overweight (even though 63% of Americans are either overweight or obese) and then sneer at their attempts to do something about it.  When I was overweight I would see someone else who was overweight jogging along the road and secretly hate them because they pointed out that I was overweight and not trying to change.  They made me feel bad about myself and so I would make some comment in my head that what they were doing wasn’t working anyway because they were still fat, all in a vain attempt to make myself feel better about not exercising.

I like this commercial because it gets to the heart of the issue, not caring what other people think and knowing that you want to make a change and doing it.  It is working out even when you feel self conscious in front of the other people at the gym or running after work even when you have had a bad day.  It is digging deep and knowing there is a well of strength you can pull from.  Next time you don’t feel like working out or are self conscious about it, just think about this kid and how much courage it took to be in this commercial.

I also like him because his name is Nathan.

From one Nathaniel to a Nathan – Keep up the work kid, and you will reach your goal.