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Dream Big

He said:

The gyms are busy, the streets are full, everyone is on the healthy bandwagon so it must be New Year’s resolution time.  Alex and I went to the gym last week and about halfway up the stairs we both dreaded the amount of people that would be there because of New Year resolutioners (however our fears weren’t warranted as it wasn’t anymore busy then normal).

Many of the articles I have read recently on New Year resolutions  mirror each other in trying to help people actually achieve their goals and not give up midway through February.  The best advice I have read is to set smaller goals to start out with, and keep the larger goal in mind for the future.

It can be daunting to say “This year I am going to loose 70 pounds” and for years I dreamed of loosing that much weight and always got frustrated and gave up before I reached it.  It is much easier to focus on loosing ten pounds, or five pounds, or two pounds and then once you have accomplished your first goal you can move on to the next one.

Alex and I both want to run a marathon this year.  After trying to train last year and injuring myself in the process, I figured that I had to take a new approach this year.  I start my six month training program tomorrow (I know six months really), but I realized that I was too focused on the time I wanted to run the marathon in and not on the whole experience.  This time I am going to go a week at a time and hopefully will fulfill my goal before the year is up.

Even though I know I have the marathon out there in the future (I told Alex we have to sign up for it by the end of the month) Alex and I are both going to sign up for a half marathon sometime in March or April, and some 10ks coming up soon to help give us something closer to focus on while seeing the dream of the marathon further on into the horizon.

Remember to dream big, but keep the goals reasonable.  If you can manage to do that you will wake up one day to find that your dreams have become your realty.